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Case Study: Cutting Solipay's Cost Per Lead In Half

The Opportunity

Solipay created an app with the potential to redefine the way data is exchanged between consumers and companies, bringing more transparency and overall value to the table.

The Problem

They didn’t have an effective system in place to drive sign ups for beta testing. They had experimented with Facebook ads in the past, paying close to $2 per lead. This wasn’t a rate they could effectively scale at.

The Solution

Solipay partnered with Grom Digital to revamp their facebook approach. With the help of our top notch partners, we produced captivating and informative creative. Then obsessively tested it along with ad copy, calls to action, and audiences to optimize campaigns.

The Outcome

In the first month of our engagement, the Grom team cut Soiplay’s cost per lead by more than half to $0.83 per lead.

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