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Case Study: How we turned strangers into Zeek Bar Champions

The Opportunity

Zeek Bar broke the mold with a healthy kids bar that’s picky eater approved. Initial product market fit revealed rave reviews.

The Problem

Zeek Bar needed to get this amazing product in front of the new audiences and drive sales. Amazon was taking a big margin, and referrals alone weren’t cutting it.

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The Solution

Zeek Bar partnered with Grom Digital to build out a premium digital funnel, connect with new customers, and driving sales. Grom leveraged a free trial lead magnet to bring thousands of new customers to the top of the funnel. From there, we could re-engage trial customers through retargeting campaigns and email, leading to loyal customers and recurring purchases.

The Outcome

Over the course of our 3 month kick off engagement, Facebook became Zeek's single largest acquisition channel, resulting in a 180% increase in web traffic. Furthermore, Grom's new traffic had a lifetime return on ad spend of 6x.

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